The customer service tool for e-commerce

Discover how to make a difference with your customer service

All channels in one inbox

No longer switch between different tools, all information is available in one location.


The fastest and easiest way for your customers to get in touch with you, directly from your website.


All functions of a full-fledged VoIP PBX, directly from the Belco dashboard and our mobile apps.

Social messaging

Allow your customers to contact you through Facebook and Telegram, you are where your customers are.


Bring all your sales and support email together in one universal inbox.


Link your own custom channels through our REST API.

Always the right information at hand

Belco collects relevant information about your customers from the tools you're already using.


When customers have a question about a specific order, you'll have all the order information right at hand.

Shopping cart

Products in the shopping cart are displayed in real-time, you'll have a good understanding about the visitor journey and convert them into paying customers more efficiently.

Conversation history

Always have insights in previous conversations to get full context about the customer.

Multiple webshops

Belco supports multiple webshops like no other, manage all your brands in one easy to use inbox.

Combine platforms

Running on multiple platforms? Belco combines Lightspeed, Magento, Shopware and others seamlessly in one dashboard.

Great customer service is teamwork

Belco makes working together a breeze and allows your entire team to deliver the same excellent service.

See what your colleagues are doing

See in real-time who's working on a conversation and prevent collisions and double effort.

Help customers together

Sometimes it's convenient to drop in and help out a teammate. In Belco you can seamlessly take part in all conversations.

Assign conversations

Need to hand over a conversation to a more suitable teammate? You can re-assign conversations with single click.

Works on your computer and smartphone


Always keep up to date

Receive notifications about new conversations, mentions and internal notes.

Chat with your customers

Increase conversion by building valuable personal relations through live chat.

Make & receive calls

Make and receive calls on your own business phone number.

Still not convinced? All our benefits in a row

Save time & money

No longer switch between multiple tools, all information is available in one place.

Be where your customers are

Always deliver excellent service through your customer's preferred channel.


Unlimited contacts & conversations, Belco scales with you from the start.

Location independent

Run your customer service from your office, at home, on the road or from the beach ;)

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