Live Chat

Answer questions faster and convert visitors to paying customers.

Always available

People no longer want to fill in forms and expect a quick response. Belco makes it easy for your customer to contact you so you can help them with questions faster, assist them with their order and create more sales. We help you reach your customers in the right place, on the right moment with the right message.

Be pro-active

Pro-actively stimulate visitor interaction, help your customers during checkout, give specific advice about products or just wish them a great day.

Be ahead of your visitors

Read messages while they are being typed, so you save time and delight the customer by preparing your answer up front.

Collaborate to increase conversion

Does a teammate know more about a specific product? @mention them to continue the conversation together or hand it over completely.

Works on all devices

Belco is fully responsive and works in all modern browsers. It automatically adjusts to different screen resolutions on smartphones and tablets.

Set the right expectations

Your customer's experience is important to us.


When you send a message, visitors receive a clear notification with sound, so they never miss an important message.

Email notifications

If visitors leave your website during a conversation, we automatically email all unread messages so they can respond and continue the conversation later.

Online status

Belco tracks your activity and shows when you're online or were last active, so people will always know when they can expect an answer.

Conversatie history

With our conversation history your visitors can always find back important information from past conversations.

From your desk, inside the warehouse or on the road.

Keep in touch with your customers with our smartphone app, your customer service is always on your side.

Still not convinced? All benefits of Live-chat in a row

Increase sales

Proactively engage visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Save money

Help 3 or more customers in the time it takes with traditional channels.


Go global, the chat widget is available in multiple languages.


Unlimited conversations and contacts, Belco scales with your business.

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