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Belco is the easiest and fastest way to give your customers a great customer service experience. Whether you want to call or chat; You're online within 5 minutes, and that has an immediate positive effect on your sales.

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Do you get lost in all channels? chat, e-mail, Whatsapp en Messenger?
Is the first question you ask the order or customer number?
Do you actually have no idea which questions were answered by your colleagues?
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With Belco's universal inbox, these questions are a thing of the past

Everything in one place, happy employees and loyal customers 😍


Real-time information

Help your customers quickly and personally at the right time, always with all relevant information at hand.

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Answer customer questions via any desired channel together with your colleagues in one inbox.

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Don't wait any longer for your customers to ask questions, but help them proactively and boost your sales.

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More then 200 stores run their customer service on Belco

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